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Latin Hamburg Productions (LHP) is a company dedicated to music production and audio services on an international level, with emphasis in the Latin culture. One of the most special aspects of LHP, is the fact of using and including Latin elements (rhythms, instruments, sounds) into productions of such genres like pop, rock, hiphop, jazz and world, in addition to featuring the recordings with the best musicians.


The founders, Efrain Torres y Ricardo Alvarez, count with enough years of experience with music productions of all kinds, especially with music coming from Latin-America and the Caribbean. Both professionals complement perfectly with each other, to encompass a wide spectrum of work. Efrain is a guitarist/bassist that has produced a lot of South American music including andean folklore. Furthermore, he is a creative sound engineer and an audio mastering specialist, graduate from the Hamburg Deutsche Pop Akademie. Ricardo on the other hand, is a pianist/keyboardist that has a long experience with afro-Caribbean music from the son until merengue and he is also a successful composer, arranger/programmer and band leader.


LHP is addressed to artists, producers, musicians and others creative members of the music scene needing professional services, from project conception, recording, mixing and mastering, until the technical support for live performances. The know-how in music productions with Latin influences is proved in the current LHP portfolio.


LHP have its base and production studios in the modern german port city of Hamburg.